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Debate Competitions

Welcome to VolunteerNG’s dynamic Inter-School Debate Competition—an enriching platform where young minds engage in spirited discourse, fostering critical thinking, eloquence, and civic responsibility. Our commitment to nurturing the leaders of tomorrow is vividly demonstrated through this exciting initiative.


  1. Promoting Critical Thinking: Encourage participants to analyze issues from various perspectives, fostering a habit of critical thinking that extends beyond the competition.
  2. Enhancing Public Speaking Skills: Provide a platform for students to hone their public speaking abilities, promoting effective communication and self-expression.
  3. Fostering Civic Responsibility: Inspire a sense of civic duty by encouraging students to articulate their opinions on socially relevant topics, contributing to the development of responsible citizens.


  • Youth Empowerment: Witness the transformation of young minds as they articulate their thoughts on thought-provoking topics, showcasing their intellectual prowess.
  • Inclusive Participation: Embrace diversity as schools from different backgrounds and perspectives come together, fostering an environment of mutual learning, and understanding.
  • Educational Impact: Beyond the competition, the debate serves as an educational experience, broadening participants’ knowledge base and encouraging research skills.

These competitions have been running for 2 years now and we have engaged more than 20 schools in Lagos and Ota with more than 200 students participating.

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